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About the Artist - Meagan

Meagan started making felt flowers because she loved having real flowers in her home but was unable to because of her cats.

She didn’t like the look of mass produced silk/polyester flowers, but once day cam across someone who had made some felt flowers. she fell in love instantly and started making them.

She discovered so many great plants and flowers that translate well into felt- and the blooms never wilt!

Meagan sells and give them as gifts to other pet owners who want flowers in their home. Poinsettias, Easter lilies, and many other common varieties of flowers are highly toxic if chewed on or otherwise consumed by pets. With felt flowers they get something different and beautiful without the worry.

Far more striking and special than machine made silk/polyester flowers, handmade felt flowers can be as true to form (dandelions) or as whimsical (multi-colored roses) as you’d like. She also makes other flowers that aren’t generally found in silk versions, such as poisonous plants (hemlock, wolfs bane) and wildflowers. Many of the poisonous plants have beautiful blooms that cannot be enjoyed until now. If you’re looking for something different for your home, or a one-of-a-kind gift, her handmade felt flowers are your answer

Meagan can also create custom pieces as a gift or for your special day - If you're interested, please contact us!