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About the Artist - John Marchello

John has been a silverware artist since 2009.  The entire process began when his dad opened up a napkin at an Ann Arbor restaurant and found the fork was bent out of shape.  He imagined that he could intentionally bend a fork to create something unique.  The process has evolved a lot since then.  When John was in college, he picked up the trade as he found it enticing.

His inspiration comes from creating products that are completely re-imagined.  Today, we live in a world where most things are made to be disposable and this is having a very negative impact on the Earth.  He hopes to awaken everyone to this reality and help us rethink how we made and use products throughout the world.  All of his products are completely recycled, and every point of production is tuned so that his products are made in the most environmentally and socially responsible manner possible.  He hopes to inspire all to change their habits with disposable products and consider the entire life cycle of the products they use.

His other mission as an artist is to reveal to others the beauty that can be found in objects many consider outdated or trash.  He accomplishes this by redesigned old objects into something completely new, that still resembles its previous life.

He has created his own tools which allow him to bend silverware very consistently and without damaging the silverware.   am constantly redesigning the tooling to allow for new and more complex bends.  Check back regularly for new designs.

He loves to do custom pieces from your silverware - If you're interested, please contact us!